Murder Party By J.D. Hawke

“Murder Party” (2007)
Film review by J.D. Hawke
Rating: NR
Directed by: Jeremy Saulnier
A man receives an invitation to a Halloween “Murder Party,” and unwittingly volunteers
to be the main attraction at his very own murder.
As the blood spills and the killers start to unravel, he fights for survival in a warehouse
meant to be center stage for the show.
And now for something completely different…
You guys, Murder Party is ridiculous. Hugely, strangely, ridiculously ridiculous. The
acting is not bad. The script is inventive. You guys, this movie is fun.
We begin by meeting Christopher, a loser who plans to spend Halloween at home with
his cat and a bag of candy corn. He happens upon an invitation to a Murder Party just
lying in the street. He figures, “Eh, what the hell?” and decides to crash the party. He
makes a quick Halloween costume (you won’t regret this part, it’s great) and bakes some
pumpkin bread (because who shows up to a Murder Party empty handed?) and heads off
to the party. It’s only when he gets there does he realize his mistake: he’s blundered into
a room filled with weapons and murderous art students bent on creating the ultimate
new age art show – Murder.
Then there’s a lot of buildup. Some tension, some sex, some drug use, and long periods of
waiting mitigated by the occasional crowd-pleasing death. It all culminates in a climax
that pits Christopher against our would-be artists, complete with hilarity and lots and
lots of blood.
Murder Party is nowhere near what you might expect from a movie with this title. I went
into this movie with zero expectations or bias, and I’m glad I did. The title alone was
enough to get me interested, but the movie delivers on its promise of horror/comedy. The
cast definitely had some fun with this movie, and it shows in just how crazy things get by
the end when the artists start to turn on each other in the name of notoriety.
Overall, it wasn’t my favorite movie in the horror/comedy genre, but it was a fun way to
kill an hour and a half. Murder Party won the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival Audience
Award for Best Narrative Feature, and enjoys a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Go
check it out, and enjoy!
Darklady’s Horror Movie Review Ranking: 8.5 skulls
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