Cold Skin by Darklady

Cold Skin (2017)

On an island lost in the middle of the ocean, two men defend themselves, night after night, sheltered in a lighthouse, from the siege of some strange marine creatures. Subjected to extreme tension, without understanding the reasons for the attack, they will have to rethink how to face the unknown.

Darkladys Review:

Ok, well this was a very interesting film, I enjoyed it very much. The relationship between the two men and the creatures ( merpeople) is very different, they have a female that stays with them. One the older of the two has relations with her, but wants to wipe out her whole civilization.

The other younger of the two, has feelings of sadness and sorrow for the creatures..

It’s your typical humanity type story, where we find a new and interesting creature, but since we don’t understand or are afraid of them, or really will not take the time to understand the creature. They must be destroyed, and because of that they try to destroy the humans..

So I give this film for the cool creatures, and where its filmed and the acting a 8 out of 10 skulls..

Watch and enjoy..

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