The Farm by Darklady

This is a film about a couple who are on a fun road trip, who take a wrong turn and decide to stop into a diner.

They have no idea what’s in store for them next, in walks people in animal masks ( that by the way never take them off)kidnap the couple, put them in cages, treat them like animals awaiting their doom, for they are next on the menu.

It’s your typical hillbilly slasher cannibalism, skin and gut them movie, but I couldn’t help but think that maybe the movie director was trying to tell us, look this is how we treat the animals that we eat, what if the roles were switched, or not..

There are many brutal special effects scenes, so be aware, some that are there just to shock and make you cringe.

The Farm is set to be released November 16th by Red Hound Films. And is streaming now on Amazon prime


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