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We have Darklady

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“Hi my darlings, Darklady here the real witch horror hostess..
I just wanted to give you a little background on who and what I am..
Well most of you know me from my witch and horror pages..
But I thought I would tell you just why I love horror and horror movies..
Well, I guess I’d have to start with a little 6 year old that was put to bed by a babysitter, and heard the tv on.. black and white at that time.

So unbeknownst to the sitter I snuck in and hung out watching the movie where she couldn’t see me.

What she had on was
the movie Dracula with Bela Lugosi, and I at that moment fell in love with vampire, and wished that they would bite me so I could live forever, and exact Revenge upon who or cruel to me at this time.

So this was my first experience with any kind of horror, when I got older maybe nine or so my sisters were scared of everything, things under the bed, in the closet, monsters they saw everywhere. And me nothing scared me, I even wanted to see if I could see them, so I would go in search of them.. looking under the bed and the closet when my sisters said they were there.. But never found anything, but I did have friends of another ghostly nature, and these entity’s saved me many times, and are still with me today.
Well as I grew I began to love tv and movies more and more. But the horror and creatures of the night and darkness is where I loved to be.

Then in High school I began to make horror films and write horror stories, like My killer cats, or Man on a hook and many looking through the eyes of a killer. These were 8mm films that always got a A++..and I always loved filming in black and white, because it was so dramatic.

I never went on to college for film making, but I’m thinking about it very hard again at age 63… So don’t be surprised, if you see one from me.

But. I have watch thousands of films and I have never seen a bad one, they always have something to offer. I always go in to watching a film with, ok I’m going to give this film, that this director and actors and everyone involved have taken many days of their life to make and are proud of what they did. My 98 minutes or 2 hr of my life to give, and if I get the message that that film is trying to convey or not, it is still something there I can learn..

Like if a killer is after you, please double tap that guy, our you turn your back and your dead..

Just little things like that, so this is what I do and I hope that my great writers and I help you to look at films maybe in a different light and direction.
I’ll be having a YouTube soon to and plan to have a lot of fun with that..
So from a young little girl who snuck in to watch a scary movie to who I am today. The Darklady

It’s been a hell of a ride and one I probably would do again..

Darkest Blessings

Her Reviews Here

We have Raven:

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“I have been writing ever sense I can remember and love to write short stories, poetry and I used to get in trouble at school for writing to long of Essays and News Articles lol. I put myself into my writing and you’ll see that in my reviews. I don’t watch a Whole Heck of a LOT of horror Movies, but I’ve seen quite a few and look forward to writing reviews! So just look for Raven on the reviews I’m also a artist hehe, I’m just all round Creative! When you see my reviews you better sit back, grab some popcorn cause you’ll be reading for a bit! haha”

Her Reviews here

We have J.D hawke

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Writer Darrell Fedchak
Pen Name: J.D. Hawke
J.D. Hawke is the author of over 50 short stories and screenplays. He currently write and produces the podcast 95.5 Haunted FM, a spooky radio talk show. J.D. lives in Atlanta with his wife, three daughters, and a poltergeist

His reviews here

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