Interview with Ben Kaplan from

Here I have handsome Ben Kaplan off the Movie, he’s an upcoming young actor, 

Darklady- Thank you for Joining me Ben… I have a few questions I’d like to ask you. 

Darklady- So how did you get involved with the project

Ben- I was involved from the beginning. Chip and I were working on producing a different feature. At a certain point we realized we weren’t going to get the budget we needed do that film justice. We joked around about making a different feature and we started joking about turning our horror short BAGGED into a feature film. We joked that everyone should be trying to kill everyone and Chip was like, “I think I can write that script!” 

Darklady- How long did it take to film?

Ben- Principal photography was a little more than 2 weeks but we had a couple days of here and there for reshoots and pick up shots. But it was mostly a very fast production. 

Darklady-  Was it a blast working with Jewell  Shepard and R.A. Mihailoff, they look like they would be fun ?

Ben-Jewel and I have been friends for years. We definitely had our days on set that put our friendship to the test but the whole experience made us closer friends. 

R.A. and I had only met briefly once in LA so I was a little nervous wondering what it was going to be like working with him. He was an absolute dream to work with! He came to set with all kinds of ideas. You might not expect it from a giant intimidating dude but he is an incredibly professional guy and was wonderful to the entire cast a crew. 

Darklady- Were some of the stunts hard to do?

Ben- They were all pretty reasonable. I had R.A. giving me pointers and then the days he wasn’t there we had Kevin Purvis and Adam Boster looking out for me. 

Darklady- I always like to ask to, was there a scene that was harder than the rest to do?

Ben- Filming the basement scenes tested everyone. We had two long days in that basement and I think everyone came out of it pretty drained.

Darklady- When you read the script, did you know right off that, that character Jack was made for you?

Ben- I had an idea before hand because when Chip and I discussed the idea that became Slasher, he kept saying that he thought I’d make a great monster in disguise. It was still pretty exciting the first time I read the face off between Jack and Jesse at the end. 

Darklady- So did you guys play any good jokes on each other while on set, or was it all business?

Ben- There was a lot of pranks on set. I think I really helped us push forward on those long days. 

Darklady- Did you enjoy playing the killer?

Ben- I did! I would love to do a sequel where the audience already knows who Jack is so he can show more of who he is the whole film. 

Darklady – So you started in comedy, was this your first love?

Ben- I’ve always loved performing. I was always performing in some sort of way. I’ve played tons of instruments, I always loved acting, and I used to put on puppet shows and do impressions for my parents guests. Eventually I started shooting sketches with friends and I started doing stand up when I was 19. 

Darklady- When up on stage doing your comedy act, did you ever have a bad heckler?

Ben- Not really. Sometimes people yell something out but never anything too bad. 

Darklady -So growing up was this always something you wanted to do, acting and comedy?

Ben- Yeah but I don’t know that I knew I would be following my dreams so actively. 

Darklady- So doll what is your next movie, can you tell us a little about it and when its coming out?

Ben- I’ve been creating a lot of fun projects with Haunted Soup Pictures. Our first project, MURDER TAG, is currently on its festival run. Chip and I are gearing up to do another feature. It’s going to be the most ambitious thing we’ve ever done and we’re incredibly excited!

Well Thanks Ben for spending some time with me, I really appreciate it and I hope all success in your endeavors! 


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