Tusk by Darklady


Now my darlings where do I start with this wonderfully disturbing movie..


Well, I would say theres not another story line like it, thank you Kevin Smith for introducing us to Tusk. Its macabre, strange and unusual for sure..

Tusk, is a movie that takes a beautiful young man, Justin Long a podcaster who is always looking for that weird off beat story.  This time he found one , where he had no control..

First time I saw him was in the movie Jeepers Creepers. And boy I was impressed, well done indeed, Jeepers Creepers where you get those peepers. Dang now I have that song running through my head..lol.


Well Tusk, is about a man’s love for a animal the walrus, so this said man set out to make this young man into his love. A Walrus.

I mean Make him into a Walrus, Really..

The same walrus, who he had to kill and eat, years before..

Let me say the cutting off of appendages reminded me of the movie Scream and Scream again. Where he would go to sleep and wake up with a arm missing, a leg missing. But this movie goes way beyond that.


Oh boy, there is way more depth before this movie hits bottom.

Let’s just say when he gets done with him, he’s not pretty anymore. 😭


If you want to know, give it a watch, it’s well worth the revolting bad taste you get in your mouth, you know that iron taste..lol..because you bit your tongue..👻👻🤯🤯🎃

Oh I must say Kevin Smith directed and wrote this and did a great job, and Michael Parks is the recluse who makes Justin Long into the love of his life…a walrus

So i give this very creative, macabre, sad story…

8 out of 10 skulls, for going beyond, and shocking the living lights out of people..

And Tusk did not get the girl..




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