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slasher-cover-laurels-2016-11-28 Movie review by Darklady

Characters: Ben Kaplin – Jack Roper (Wingman) Jewel Shepard – Momma Meyers ( The Return of the Living dead) R.A. Mihailoff -Jessie Meyers ( Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3)



So I really liked this little indie horror film, love the characters, the three of them worked well together and were very believable. It starts out slow, but then pulls you in with the get away scenes with Jack and his call for help, but then it takes a sudden twist, and the ending I was not ready for.





There is a online serial killer loose, even knowing the danger. These two meet and head out to a cabin in the woods where, they meet Momma a sex pot with a spoon, and her clan, who have sex and murder on their mind. But that’s when it gets twisty, so give it a watch and you will see what I mean.



I give this indie film a 8 out of 10 skulls, for great twists and turns and a ending i just didnt expect, on this kind of film.. It’s really worth a watch, then tell me what you thought..

Sometimes you just have to watch to the end, because if you don’t you miss the big twist.



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