The Midnight Meat Train By Raven

The Midnight Meat Train (By Raven)
This movie was especially spooky to me, because it has to do with a

photographer hehe.

So this photographer is Obsessive (Sounds familiar to me lol) and he wants to get “Dark Subject Matter” and that leads him into a serial killers life…
This is full I mean FULL of Blood and Guts…..
In other words, the photographer unknowingly captures this serial killer and you guessed it, he gets into a game of cat and mouse!
The photographer lives with his girlfriend and all he wants to do is become a photographer for a profession. If it wasn’t for the successful art Gallery of Susan Hoff, this all never would’ve happened! She checked out his work and asked him to improve his quality.
He was upset (Rightfully so) after his encounter with her, so he takes off at night and starts taking photos on the streets.
Following three punks to the subway, the photographer just capturing them sees them attacking a woman. Which like any heroic man would do, he (The photographer) defends the woman and the punks leave.
Next morning he discovers the woman’s missing, (How can that be? He captured her and he just protected her but now she’s missing?) he decides to go to the police, who are NO help!
So, wanting to know what happened to the woman he goes back to where he last saw her, night and night again. obsessing! (I think he’s got OCD haha) and he watches that subway train through his lens.
He notices a butcher in the train, who he believes is a murderer or could be a murderer so he starts to tail him and shadow him EVERYWHERE…
Which is what happens to people who get nosey haha, and that’s when the nightmare Begins!
I mean who doesn’t love Bradley cooper… he’s the photographer.
Vinnie Jones is the Butcher.
even Brook Shields is in it!
All in all I give it a 10/10 skulls
If you want to go on a ride for your life, watch this movie. IF you can handle the mass killings and the tight locations of killings. It’s an amazing ride!
it’ll keep you wondering, keep you asking yourself wtf, and it will turn your stomach!
It’s 98 minutes OR 103 minutes (Unrated) watch the unrated version hehe
It made 34k the first opening weekend and made 3 Mill world wide. (In my opinion that should’ve been more! it’s a great movie)
Some More information….
In it’s first run in the states, it opened in one hundred two discount theaters, other known as “Dollar Theaters” Which I suppose is why the opening was so low (So that’s not to bad, think about each person paying a dollar to see it, that’s a heck of a lot!)
In the 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradly cooper walked by a theater showing this film hehe (Look for it)
Second movie where Vinnie Jones remains silent until the final few minutes of the film (First being Gone in Sixty seconds)
Lionsgate had recently hired a guy named Joseph Drake (Executive) when the film was completing production. Drake disliked the film, he decided to give it to a limited Theatrical run in budget cinemas (Nice guy! lol)
The train in the film is actually a modified 2200 Chicago Elevated car
(Here’s a tidbit) It was originally meant to be a sequel to “CANDYMAN!”
Lackluster U.S box-office results made the film in many foreign distributors send it straight to DVD in their native Countries.


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