Ex Machina By Raven

Ex Machina
This is a really Dark movie, but a really good one! I mean who wouldn’t want to put their body parts together easily?
A  youngin’ who’s a great programmer wins a competition to stay at a private mountain retreat for a full week!  The owner of it is Nathan, He’s a reclusive CEO of the company.
When he gets there he has to participate in a fascinatingly strange experiment in which he has to interact with the worlds first true AI
She is a beautiful Female Robot that has OTHER things in mind!
It’s written by DNA films.
They soon find out that the AI is a lot smarter then they thought she was, and she starts a new way to get out!
It’s not FULL of blood and guts, but there are some scenes that are very Graphic and pretty sad!
I’ll let you watch and get to your own conclusion! tell me below what you think of it!
There is a lot of Nudity in it. The special effects are amazing!
I give it a 7/10 skulls.
It’s truly a big mind mess, and it really makes you fear robots lol
Are robots truly your friend? OR are they trying to take over to have their own life?
It made 250k in opening
World wide it made 28 Million
It’s 1 hour and 48 minutes.
2014 made
Director is Alex Garland he’s also the writer.
Won one Oscar

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