Upgrade By Raven


You ever want to have a little chip that can make everything possible? How about if it took over and helped you fight?

Upgrade is a great movie with a lot of turns, it’ll make you think WHOA! On so many times.

The main guy Logan Marshal-Green known as Grey ends up going to a guys house to sell a old fashioned car to.
His girl comes with him because Grey wants to show him how amazing the place is.
When they leave and start going home the technology (That grey hates) ends up going ary and crashing them,

one thing leads to another and Grey is left with one way of saving his life, IF he wants to save it….
A microchip called “Stem”

With nothing to lose he goes for it and try’s it and that’s when it really gets GOOD!

I wont give away much more then that, but there is a lot of great fighting, close calls and a LOT of blood!
All while Grey is trying to pull back and stop it.


I give it a 9/10 skulls, it’s a definite one you will want to watch. If not for the action, then for the handsome man who has nothing to lose!


Got 4 million opening weekend. 11 mill gross in USA

It’s 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Director Leigh Whannell

Prodocution was done by blumhouse Productions

During the fight scenes, the camera often tracks Grey so that he remains in the middle of frame. According to director Leigh Whannell, this was achieved by hiding a phone somewhere on actor
Logan Marshall-Green, which the cameras could then pair to and follow with as much accuracy as possible.

The film was originally titled “STEM”

At one point during the hacker building sequence, the Saw (2004) doll can be seen painted on one of the walls. Leigh Whannell, the director for this movie, also wrote the first Saw (2004) feature film screenplay.

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